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Digital is at the heart of the energy transition With digital tools, you can optimise the operation of infrastructures and manage the fluctuations in a multi-energy system, for greater efficiency and frugality. Explore our digital solutions, the pillars of tomorrow’s energy world.


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Industry, small, medium and large businesses, local authorities… Do you want to improve your operational management and energy efficiency? Do you want to reduce the energy losses incurred by current systems and reduce your environmental impact? Strengthened by the experience they have acquired for the group, our energy industry experts offer you secure, high-performance digital solutions suited to your requirements.       

  • Cybersecurity

Developed to gather data in accordance with the very high security and performance constraints that apply to industrial activities, our digital tools are secure, practical, economical and easily implemented across existing equipment.

  • Data ownership

Unlike other systems involving data capture, we develop tools that enable you to retain full ownership of your data. So this guarantees solutions that are truly enduring, even if you decide at some later date to change your service provider.

  • Digital frugality

All our solutions fit into the digital frugality approach. This means we work solely with public cloud resources which, unlike energy-hungry privately operated datacentres, can optimise energy consumption according to actual usage by their clients. In addition, the choice of serverless architecture guarantees energy consumption that is proportionate to use.

The solutions we offer

Digital: meeting business’s operational and environmental efficiency needs

In an industrial setting, the digital transformation is a major catalyst for optimising the energy efficiency and economic performance of machinery. But at present, most industries only use 10% of their data, which does not allow them to put any significant actions in place. Usually, every equipment supplier offers their own solution for viewing and exploiting the data from their own machines. That approach makes it impossible to get an overall view, or to instigate actions that can be extended across the industrial site as a whole. Often, no-one even looks at the data.

Rolling out a real digitisation strategy across industry, and across business more generally, is therefore a major consideration when moving towards greater operational and energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

Digital twin for energy efficiency

To usher in the arrival of new gases, such as biomethane or hydrogen, manufacturers need better supervision to anticipate the behaviour of gas grids. With the support of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, we have developed a simulation tool that can simulate the operation of an industrial gas grid at any point and at any time.

This project is funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.


Émilie Bouquier

“You can’t do anything without digital. For your industrial processes to be relevant, higher-performing, and because you can only improve what you measure, you need to collect data and be familiar with it.”

Émilie BouquierDirector of the Teréga Solutions Multi-Energy and Digital Business Unit

Digital: essential lever for the energy transition

The decarbonisation of our energy consumption will be achieved through the creation of a virtuous energy mix, one which is more varied, based on renewable energy that can be produced and consumed locally: wind or solar electricity, biomethane, hydrogen, etc.

For this multi-energy grid to produce the right energy for each need and to limit losses, a digital tool is essential: being able to collect and process data in real time is the necessary precondition for ensuring that production matches needs, and that all processes function correctly.

Tomorrow: everyone as an energy producer?

The energy transition will also have an impact on society, because it will apply not just to the biggest players in energy; in a multi-energy grid, an industrial consumer can also become a producer. Digital solutions will allow higher-level organisation of this multiplicity of actors and connections. They will thus guarantee an economically viable model and the optimisation of possible exchanges within this energy ecosystem of the future.

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Do you want to play a part in developing our digital solutions? Or are you looking for a partner to deploy your own? Do you feel you can match up to the values held by Teréga Solutions?

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