Indabox: the secure boxthat collects your industrial data

A highly secure piece of industrial equipment, Indabox allows you to collect information directly from your PLCs using standard industrial protocols. Indabox is a patented product, since it is the only box on the market that offers this physical security system.


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A patented solution, the only one of its kind on the market



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Retain ownership of your data

Indabox: security by design

Designed to satisfy the performance and security needs of industry, Indabox is a patented product offering a security system that is the only one of its kind on the market.

The box is thus constructed to an ultra-secure three-part design:

  • the first part collects the data, processes it and assembles it for transfer via the secure link,

  • the second routes all that information, guaranteeing the system’s inviolability,

  • the third sends it to the Cloud to allow integration of the industrial data into the IO-Base® tool.

Because of this unique physical construction, it is impossible to attack your production networks from the Internet side. An essential guarantee of cybersecurity for your business!

How Indabox works

Indabox is a physical box that is remarkably small considering its huge capabilities! So you can easily install it close to your existing PLCs. Our box adapts to your equipment without the slightest difficulty, because it uses standard industrial communication protocols such as OPC-UA, MODBUS TCP, S7 and EthIP.

If you want to make the very most of the data collected by Indabox, you really should take a look at our IO-Base® digital solution. It will allow you to view information from all your production sites in real time so that you can optimise your industrial performance, energy efficiency and profitability.

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