Become an actor in the energy transition

Businesses of all sizes, industry, energy stakeholders, transport companies, territorial authorities, farmers, and individuals: each one has a role to play in the energy transition! Find out how to accelerate your environmental action, while contributing to economic and social progress in your territory.

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Accelerate your energy transition

Do you want to play your part in building a renewable, diversified, local and low-carbon energy mix? Do you already have some innovative ideas or projects to achieve that? Find out how to shift them up a gear!

  • Building a local and renewable energy mix

Opting for renewable energy means helping shape new energy sectors, such as biomethane and hydrogen, enabling supply to be secured from local energy production, and at the same time contributing to economic growth in the territories in a circular economy approach.

  • Decarbonising your usage

The energy transition also involves changing the ways we consume energy. The new low-carbon mobility solutions – NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles), bioNGV and hydrogen – are powerful levers to help the energy transition.

  • Reducing your energy consumption

It is also essential that we improve our energy efficiency, consuming less energy and consuming it more wisely, relying on smart digital tools that allow us to manage, analyse and optimise networks and production systems in businesses.

With the help of our renewable energy and energy efficiency experts, find out how to turn your environmental ambitions into reality, and become an actor in the energy transition!

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The energy transition in France: objectives and challenges

The energy transition law of 17 August 2015 is an “action and mobilisation” law, committing the entire country to action! Businesses, local authorities, industries and individuals: the law gives each one practical tools to play their part in more virtuous growth. Its ambition is to enable France to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions significantly, while at the same time strengthening its energy independence.

The 6 targets in the energy transition law


GHG emissions between 1990 and 2030


fossil fuel consumption in 2030


of all energy consumed in 2030 to be from renewables


energy consumption between 2012 and 2050


de déchets mis en décharge à l’horizon 2050

An energy transition that encourages progress in the territories

In addition to decarbonising usage, the energy transition will contribute to the development of the territories. In fact, producing and consuming energy locally will help secure French supplies and make us less dependent on fossil fuels imported from abroad. It is also a means of creating jobs in the territories, making farming more sustainable through methanisation, and recycling waste from local authorities and local actors.

The energy transition supporting development in the territories

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