Teréga Solutions: forging ahead for the energy and performance of tomorrow!

By making today’s energy infrastructures available for tomorrow’s renewable energy based world, we work by your side to build a more sustainable future.

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More than 75 years of experience in energy infrastructure

A subsidiary of the Teréga Group, a major actor in gas infrastructure in France, Teréga Solutions was created in 2021 with the ambition of contributing even more to the energy transition in the territories.

Since the 1950s, with the discovery of France’s biggest gas deposit in Lacq, the Teréga Group has carved out solid experience in the transport and storage of gas, as well as in the engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of regional infrastructure. It has taken on an international dimension, becoming the southern corridor for gas supplies in Europe.

Today, we’re building on that industrial know-how and expertise in energy infrastructure management infrastructures to express our own DNA, combining agility, anticipation and commitment to a more sustainable future. Ever on the lookout for opportunities to develop new renewable energy ecosystems and decarbonise usage, we innovate for industry, local authorities and businesses, helping them combine economic and environmental performance, and in doing so play their part in the energy transition across their territories.

Bringing innovation within everyone’s reach

We’re convinced that local solutions will help us achieve our shared energy transition objectives, so we support the future energy sectors in a way that best meets the needs of the territories, to encourage the emergence of true local, renewable and decarbonised multi-energy ecosystems.

With our wealth of experience in managing complex systems, our capacity to industrialise, and our experience in the field, we support network creators as they invent these new ecosystems to serve the circular economy. Our excellent knowledge of the local sphere and our mastery of logistics-related issues make us a preferred point of contact between producers and consumers. We’re fully aware of the fundamental importance of the energy transition to territorial dynamism, job creation, quality of life and protection of the environment.

That’s why we’re always watching out for new innovation opportunities or synergies, and we’re quick to rise to the challenge as soon as major breakthroughs or developments emerge that will drive the energy transition forward.

Jean Cazorla

Teréga Solutions helps all actors – private and public alike – who want to decarbonise their activities or manage them better, offering tailored solutions in step with current and future social challenges within their territories.

Jean CazorlaBusiness Development Manager

Multiple interconnected solutions

Our teams are at your side, in the field, supporting you from the strategic planning stage through to the industrialisation of your projects, offering practical and workable solutions tailored to your needs. Our experience in the management of an intermittent network allows us to take full advantage of the benefits offered by new gases such as biomethane and hydrogen, particularly to absorb the fluctuations in other renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.

Our expertise therefore revolves around three main complementary business areas, pillars of the multi-energy grids of tomorrow:

Biomethane and NGV/bio-NGV mobility

Biomethane – derived from the recycling of organic, industrial or agricultural waste by methanisation – is a sustainable gas, and particularly helpful to the circular economy, using waste from local activities as its raw material. Used as a fuel it is a practical solution for making mobility more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Strengthened by our deep roots in the territory and our long-established practice of working with local farmers and actors on local problems, we come alongside project owners to help them find the best possible solutions.

Our agricultural methanisation solutions
Méthanisation - Méthalayou


Often presented as the energy of the future, hydrogen is an essential pillar of the energy transition. We support the territories, project owners and industrial customers in the implementation of their hydrogen projects, with services extending the length of the H2 value chain: ecosystem development, logistics and distribution, and the decarbonisation of industry and mobility. We also support the development of the renewable hydrogen sector, as a potential investor in promising technologies, and through the development of innovative private and public partnerships to meet the need for significant investment in this field.

Our hydrogen solutions
Wind turbines

Multi-energy and digital

Digitisation is the key, unlocking the door to optimised, sustainable multi-energy systems. At present, the different energy networks (gas, electricity, heat) operate independently of one another. In France, each one is estimated to be responsible for energy losses of 25 to 60%. Decompartmentalising these networks would allow gains in energy efficiency, by optimising production and consumption close to where they are needed. By enabling the construction of truly intelligent multi-energy systems – the so-called “smart grids” – digital solutions make this view of the future a reality.

Our digital solutions
Émilie Bouquier

Decarbonisation of our energy consumption will be achieved through the construction of a mix of renewable energies, locally produced and locally consumed. When you design a multi-energy network, you’re thinking about how to produce the right form of energy for every need and exploit unavoidable energy for self-use.

Emilie BouquierDirector of the Multi-Energies and Digital Business Unit

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