Optimise your energy efficiency

In France, it is reckoned that every energy system generates average losses of 25 to 60%. A considerable waste, affecting both the environment and the country’s economic performance. That’s why there’s an urgent need to improve how those resources are used, in line with the objectives of the National Low Carbon Strategy. Explore our solutions for optimising your energy efficiency!

Industrial maintenance

Optimise your energy efficiency

Are you in industry, an entrepreneur, or a real estate manager? Do you want to optimise your energy efficiency, improving your performance and profitability while reducing the environmental impact of your activities? Discover the levers you have at your disposal to achieve that.

  • Measuring energy efficiency to identify routes for improvement

Digital tools, by enabling analysis of production and consumption data, open up new prospects for optimisation: real-time process monitoring, remote management and maintenance, intelligent work scheduling, implementation of resource saving strategies, rationalisation of procurement, consideration of new actors, introduction of links between collective networks (water, gas, electricity, heat etc.), and so on. So many levers to bring about greater energy frugality!

  • Detecting energy losses

Physical losses (electricity, heat, gas etc.) can happen at the point of use, in transport, in storage, or in conversion of the energy. They can also arise from insulation defects, sources of energy losses from buildings. If you can accurately monitor the full range of energy consumption from your activities, you can quickly detect those losses and implement an effective remedy.

  • Making sure you’re using the right energy for the right purpose

In the multi-energy model, it’s possible to allocate specific resources according to needs. It’s a powerful lever for energy efficiency in many activities: industries, office buildings, but also wastewater treatment and domestic waste processing by local authorities, shopping centres or theme parks.

The multi-energy model is also relevant at district, city or territorial level, with synergies developing within activity areas such as hospitals, swimming pools and schools.

With our experts’ assistance, you can speed up your energy transition and discover solutions bringing environmental, economic and operational benefits.

Unavoidable energy: capture and exploit it

Unavoidable energy is all of the energy considered to be wasted if it is not used as soon as it is available. This could, for example, be the residual energy produced during industrial processes, or surplus renewable electricity that cannot be stored. Capturing and using this unavoidable energy, also known as recovery energy, is a major lever for optimising energy efficiency.

To achieve this, you have to create connections between the different sites producing and consuming energy, to create an optimised grid, capable of taking advantage of all available resources. For example, you can capture the CO2 emitted by an industrial site, then combine it with hydrogen to produce synthetic fuels or synthetic methane that can be used as a replacement for natural gas to supply this or another site.

Smart Grids: networks working for energy efficiency

The term Smart Grid refers to a network which uses new digital technologies to optimise energy efficiency. It relies on the gathering and management of data to organise interactions between the different flows (gas, electricity, heat etc.), real-time management of energy production activities according to need, and energy storage management. A Smart Grid can thus optimise the flows between energy production and consumption, avoiding losses and increasing energy efficiency on a large scale, such as across an entire city.

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